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Longarm Quilting

Longarm Quilting Service - In-House by Bryan

We offer a variety of hand-guided edge-to-edge, top to bottom quilting pattern options and thread colors. You choose the pattern and thread, and we'll do the rest! Can't decide? Simply have our professional quilter choose what will best suit your quilt top. ​ Turnaround is usually 3-4 weeks.

Our longarm quilting service is .02 cents per square inch, or width x height x .02.

For example, a 50 x 70-inch quilt would be:  50 x 70 = 3,500 sq inches x .02 cents = $70


Longarm Quilting Service - Off-Site by L&K Quilting

L&K Quilting offers hundreds of computerized edge-to-edge, top to bottom quilting patterns. You choose the pattern and thread color, or you opt for “quilter’s choice.” Our staff will help you fill out the L&K form. Drop off by 5pm Tuesdays. Turnaround is usually 1-2weeks. L&K accepts cash or check only.

L&K longarm quilting service is $22 per square yard.  For example, a 50" x 70" quilt = 3,500 sq. inches.  3,500 sq inches / 1,296 (# of sq inches in 1 yard) = 2.70 sq yds x $22 = $59.40


The backing fabric must be 4" larger than your top on all four sides.

For Example: If your quilt top is 54" x 72" add 8" to each measurement. Your backing fabric must be 62" x 80".

Don't want to piece your back?  Just leave it with us!  $10 per seam.