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Quarantine Bucket List

Quarantine Bucket List

Welcome to our new normal
The State of North Carolina has said that it's our responsibility to stay home to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. And while we're sad to temporarily close up the Quilt Patch, we are all committed to doing our part and making the best of the situation, so let's look out for each other (from a safe distance, of course).

Here are a few suggestions of what you can do to help make someone's quarantine a little easier:
- Remember your friends and neighbors who live alone and check in on them. Maybe they need some groceries or toilet paper.
- Participate in the Teddy Bear Hunt. Just put a teddy bear on your porch or in your front yard for the young ones to count during their walks.
- Issue a personal quilt challenge to your quilt group. (See our Quilt Patch Quarantine Challenge at the end of the newsletter.)
- Make a Little Library. Put your old books in a plastic tub by your mailbox with a sign that says "Quarantine Library, Take one - Leave one."
- Make masks for nursing homes. They won't be N95 rated, but the CDC says they're better than no protection.
- Send funny photos of your quarantine activities to the grandparents.
- Grandparents - send funny photos of your quarantine activities to the grandkids.

We all need to stay safe and keep our spirits up. To help out with that last part we've made up a Quarantine Bucket List.

Quarantine Bucket List

(In no particular order) 

 Finish a UFO



 Who are we kidding? Start a new project!

 Make a new recipe

 Binge watch a thriller TV show

 Read a long book you’ve been saving

 Treat yourself to some fun pajamas on the internet


 Make up your own tropical drink

 Seriously, though – finish a UFO

 Reach out to a friend who lives alone

 Use one of those fancy bath products from the back of the linen closet

 Make a smoothie



 Go for a walk every day (keeping a safe social distance, of course)

 Take a bubble bath

 Reread your favorite novel

 Watch a documentary

 Give yourself an at-home spa day



 Do a 1,000 piece puzzle

 Try to make 
a fancy coffeehouse drink

 Bake your favorite cookies

 Collect a box of gently worn coats and shoes to donate

 A few things to definitely NOT do in Quarantine:

  • Do not try to cut your own hair, no matter how bad it gets! You will regret it.
  • Do not play truth or dare with your kids. Some things you don't want to know.
  • Don’t drink all the wine in the first week. This may be difficult, but we have confidence in you!
  • Try not to watch too much TV.
Quilt Patch Quarantine Quilt Challenge
This is the perfect time to stretch your quilt related skill set, step out of your comfort zone, and spread those quilted wings - take up the Quarantine Quilt Challenge!

Our challenge to you is this: Unleash your inner creativity!

1. Choose a technique you've always wanted to try (curves, applique, circles, landscape, miniature piecing, mosaic - anything you want to try).
2. Make a 9" x 12" mini quilt using only fabrics you already have in your stash (no online ordering). Feel free to add any additional elements you have on hand (buttons, ribbons, etc.).

When the shop reopens we will hang these experimental art works in the classroom, where everyone can vote on their favorites. The Viewer's Choice will receive a beautiful Jelly Roll and a new Jelly Roll pattern! Let's use this time to get creative!

Meanwhile, stay connected with us!
Facebook page - Quilt Patch Fabrics, Ltd.
Instagram - @quiltpatchfab (This is NEW)

Stay safe, friends. We'll see you when this over!