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A Fiber Artist Guide to Color & Design The Basics & Beyond

Be ready to be wowed! In 208 pages with hundreds of photos, fiber art examples and illustrations, fiber artist, author and teacher Heather Thomas invites you to begin a new journey into classic color theory and the principles of design for fiber artists and beyond.

Heather knows that color is learned experientially. In addition to understanding the language of color and design theory, 12 Workshop Lessons provide you with project goals and guidelines, fabulous visuals, clearly-written text and full explanation of color wheels and color charts.

You’ll learn and apply:
- Color Terminology
- Color Scale
- Color Value
- Color dominance
- Color Temperature
- Complex Colors
- Color Intensity and Saturation, Harmony and Rhythm
- Design Elements
- Line, Shape, Blending, Form
- Texture, Size and Scale
- Design Principles
- Contrast, Balance, Unity
- Variety, Repetition, Emphasis and much, much more!